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The European Union supports organic research in Europe.



The main idea of CORE organic is to coordinate research programmes between the 21 partner countries.


TP Organics

TP Organics is a European technology platform fororganic food and farming research. Read more...


The EU research project SOLID on Sustainable Organic and Low Input Dairying runs from 2011-2016. Read more...


The EU project, VOA3R, is aimed at sharing scientific and scholarly research related to agriculture, food, and environment. Read more...



ICROFS Research

Danish R&D


Organic RDD 2
The danish Organic Research, Development and Demonstration Programme, RDD 2, runs from 2014-2018.


Organic RDD
The Danish Organic Research, Developmnent and Demonstration Programme, ran from 2011-2013.

The research programme DARCOF III ran in 2006- 2010 and consisted of 15 individual projects.




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Cow - ICROFS International Centre for Research in Organic Food Systems

European research


The European Union is financing research under the multi-annual Framework Programmes (FP), which among other issues cover environment, food safety and quality, animal health and welfare etc. Thus research in sustainable and organic farming is also included, and ICROFS has since 2003 participated in the following EU research projects:


Core Organic Plus call 2014: Read more about the latest Core Organic call



CORE Organic II

CORE Organic II was a European transnational research cooperation project supported by the European Commission. This project ran for three years, 2010-2013 and was coordinated by ICROFS. Read more at www.coreorganic2.org



CORE Organic

The main idea of the FP6 ERA-net, "Coordination of European trans-national research in organic food and farming" (CORE Organic) was the transnational coordination of national and regional research funding to support transnational research projects in organic food and farming of common interest of several European countries. . The coordination project was carried out over 3 years in the period 2004-2007, and ICROFS (formerly DARCOF) was the coordinator of the project (more information can be found at www.coreorganic.org).

The main objective of the project was to enhance the quality, relevance and resource utilization in organic food and farming research. As part of the project the 13 partners from 11 countries launched 8 trans-nationally funded research projects with a total budget of about 8.3 million EUR. These CORE Organic projects are running for three years from 2007-2010.

Read more about the CORE Organic network...FBN

  COREorganic leaflet 2009

CORE Organic short results 2009/2010

This collection of one-page project presentations gives an overview of preliminary results and perspectives of the eight CORE Organic projects.


See leaflet about CORE Organic short results 2009/2010...FBN

Go to the CORE Research Portal...




CORE Organic Funding Body Network (FBN)

The CORE Organic Funding Body Network was set up in 2007 to continue and broaden the collaboration after the end of the first CORE Organic ERA-net project, and since then, the CORE Organic FBN has expanded to 23 countries. The plan of the Funding Body Network is to apply for an ERA-net II coordination project under FP7 in 2009 in order to launch even more projects and to contribute to the development of a long-term strategy and framework for a common programme for transnational organic food and farming research.

Read more about the Funding Body Network...FBN




The EU FP7 research project, VOA3R, Virtual Open Access Agriculture & Aquaculture Repository, is about sharing scientific and scholarly research related to agriculture, food, and environment.

The VOA3R platform aims at re-using existing and mature metadata and semantics technology to deploy an advanced, community-focused integrated service for the retrieval of relevant open content and data that includes explicit models of the scholarly methods and procedures used and of the practical tasks targeted by applied research. Read more at http://voa3r.eu...FBN


Previous projects:

Transparent Food
ICROFS was involved in the EU FP7 research project, Transparent_Food. This project aimed at "contributing to the development of transparency in the sector by supporting understanding of its complexities, identifying the present state-of-the-art, learning from experiences, making stakeholders aware, specifying deficiencies and research needs, and formulating a research framework for facilitating future research initiatives”.
Read more at www.transparentfood.eu... FBN



Research project, "Economic Analysis of Certification Systems for Organic Food and Farming" (CERTCOST) The main objective of the project was to generate research-based recommendations to relevant stakeholders on how to improve the organic food certification system in terms of efficiency, transparency and cost effectiveness.Visit the CERTCOST website...FBN


QualityLowInputFood (QLIF)

The goal of the project was to improve the quality and food safety and to reduce the costs in organic and "low input" food production systems Visit the QLIF website...FBN

EEC 2092/91(Organic) Revision
“Research to Support Revision of the EU Regulation on Organic Agriculture” ICROFS (formerly DARCOF) was the coordinator of the project and it had the overall objective to provide research based recommendations for the development of the Council regulation on organic agriculture.

Visit the Organic Revision website...FBN

Organic Inputs Evaluation
“Harmonised and Standardised Procedures for Evaluation of Plant Protection Products, Fertilizers and Soil Conditioners for Use in Organic Agriculture” The objective of the project was to develop recommendations for harmonization and standardization of procedures for evaluation of plant protection products, fertilizers and soil conditioners for use in organic agriculture according to the Council Regulation EEC No. 2092/91.ICROFS (formerly DARCOF) was the administrative coordinator of the project.

Visit the Organic Inputs Evaluation website...FBN

“European Information System for Organic Markets” (EISfOM)The aim of the project was to build up a framework for reporting valid and reliable data for relevant production and market data about the European organic sector in order to meet the needs of policy makers, farmers, processors, wholesalers and other actors involved in organic markets See the EISFOM website...FBN

“Sustaining Animal Health and Food Safety in Organic Farming” (SAFO) The main objective of the project was to improve food safety and sustaining animal health in organic farming in existing member states and candidate member countries of the European Union through exchange and active communication of research results and conclusions between researchers, policy makers, farmers and the wider stakeholder community including consumers.

Visit the SAFO website...FBN

ICROFS Research

EU research

Within the last years the European Union has financed a growing numberof research projects in organic food and farming.


Link to the Danish Research School for Organic Agriculture and Food Systems (SOAR).



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