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Cow - ICROFS International Centre for Research in Organic Food Systems

ICROFS news - the international newsletter


The internationalnewsletter, ICROFS news, is issued as an electronic email-newsletter (pdf). The newsletter publishes articles on current research and events in organic food and farming.


Researchers working in national or trans-national research projects coordinated by ICROFS deliver articles to the ICROFS news with a frequency based on progress in the research projects. Articles in previous newsletters are accessible in the archive in the box to the right.

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ICROFS News, December 2014 no. 3-4


- Rewarding cross-Atlantic cooperation
- Future CORE Organic Funding to be decided
- New methods can reveal organic food fraud
- ICROFS put food security on the agenda in Istanbul
- Heated debate on organic farming
- New project provides knowledge on how agro-ecology can norish the World
- Hay-milk is suitable for high-quality cheese
- Proteins from organic grown green crops are promising poultry feed
- Parasitic Worms - a challenge in organic pig production
- Organic diets are equally good for Rainbow trout fry as conventional diets

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ICROFS News, October 2014 no. 2


International organic research: organic research in Hungary:

- The development and state of organic agriculture in Hungary

- Organic agricultural research in Hungary - current state and plans

- Genetic variability of root and root hairs in spring wheat varieties

-Design of multi-species grass-clover fields for cattle feeding

- Fous on robustness in organic broiler production

- How to eliminate the requirement castration in organic pig production

- Productivity and Growth in Organic Value Chains (ProGrov). Write-shop at the 4th Project Training and Project meeting 14-19 September 2014.

- Brief news

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ICROFS News, June 2014 no. 1


Eating quality of meat from organic beef based on crossbred animal

Animating Multicriteria Decision-making Processes in the Organic Value Chain

Ramsons can deliver taste and antibacterial effect in food preservation: From nature to cultivation

Climate impact of mobile green manures

Organic rainbow trout – Does the diet composition influence the fish health?

Brief news

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December 2013 ICROFS news


Theme: Organic Research in Australia:

Organic agriculture and research in Australia

Organic consumer profiling
Childrens behaviour and pesticide exposure: Can organic food make a difference?
Dynamic controlled atmosphere for storage of organic apples
The common house fly removes undesirable bacterium in manure

Report: Organic Policy Summit 2013 in Budapest and the 4th International Conference on Organic Agriculture Sciences in Eger, Hungary

- Brief news

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September 2013 ICROFS news


- Theme ProGrOV: 3rd Project Training Workshop and Project Meeting, 8-15 September 2013

- Hay production in North Europe
- Improving the phosphorus effeiciency of organic farming systems
- Species competition in mulitspecies grass swards
- Organic farming systems: Driving for change, or digging in the same old dirt?

- Brief news

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June 2013 ICROFS news


- Theme ProGrOV: Networks organization along organic foods value chanis in Kenya. Case: Kales in Nairobi

- SUMMER chickens "on herbs"
- Spotless apples under roof
- Organic hay fields as a floral resource for bees and other flower-visiting insects
- Larvae for layers

- Brief news

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March 2013 ICROFS news



- Theme: Organic research and agriculture in Korea

- Introduction tio organic agricultural research in South Korea
- Organic farming in Korea: Training, education and research
- Systemic approaches to pest management without pesticides; do Chinese and Danish researchers have common interests
- Restricted use of antibiotics in organic pig farming

- How to improve disese control in European organic viticulture

- Brief news

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October 2012 ICROFS news

News from ICROFS

New book: Organic agriculture for sustainable livelihoods,
ISOFAR Board Meeting in Republic of Korea, CORE Organic II -2 projects selected for funding, analysing 15 years of Danish Organic Research.



International organic research theme - Canada:

- Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada: Linking Organic Knowledge

- Organic Produce in the Winter: Organic Greenhouse Production Research in Canada

-Phosphorus: Researching a Limiting and Limited Nutrient


-Productivity and Growth in Organic Value Chains
(ProGrOV) 2nd Project Training Workshop and Project Meeting, 19-23 September 2012


-Root carbon input in arable cropping systems: A largely untold story


-Green veal is not dark red


Brief News - on events, calls and publications


March 2012 ICROFS news



News from ICROFS
ICROFS joins Landscapes for People, Food and Nature Initiative; New blog: Landscapes for People, Food and Nature; Organic Eprints is rising in the ranks; Try the VOA3R platform beta-version; CORE Organic second call for preproposals of research projects is closed; Healthy herbs for healthy cows


International organic research theme - Brazil:
- Research experiences- on organic agriculture from Brazil
- Organic milk production in Brazil
- Mokichi Okada Research Center: Agricultural research and development
- Effect of alternative fertilization: Productive and qualitative performance in recovering degraded pastures in Brazil.
Preventing disease and parasites in european organic pig herds

Brief News - on proposal calls, congresses, publications and media news


September 2011 ICROFS news



- CORE Organic II second call
- CORE Organic research seminar in Paris
- ANSOFT workshop in Korea
- Organic Eprints is Open AIRE Compliant
- ICROFS meets EPOK from Sweden
- Towards a social research platform for agriculture and aquaculture
- New ICROFS phone numbers

- International organic research theme (2 articles from USA)
- Transport is important in the carbon footprint of imported organic plant products
- Ecosystem services of biodiversity in ­organic grasslands
- Innovation research in value chains

- Brief news on proposal calls, congresses, publications and media news

May 2011 ICROFS news



- 11 CORE Organic II projects selected
- Danish research to pave the way for organic policy
- Organic Eprints is expanding
- Honourable mention of Organic Eprints
- ProGrOV project set in motion in Ugand
- International organic research theme: USA
- Opinions on biogas in organic farming
- Yield effects of grazing in white clover/grass mixtures
- How to include farmers in the emission trading system

- Brief news on congresses, publications and meetings

ICORFS news No. 1, 2010

November 2010 ICROFS news



- 59 CORE Organic pre-proposals
- Organic RDD is in place
- ICROFS coordinates research in 3 African countries

- Improving wheat production using nitrogen
- Communicating 'ethical' attributes of organic food
- Markets and institutional capacity
- A glance at the development of the organic sector in Nigeria
- Organic bread-wheat in New England, USA

- 3rd ISOFAR conference: New deadline: 31.12.2010
- New version of Organic.Edunet
- FQH 2011, NJF 2011

- CERTCOST workshop at BioFach and in Brussels (on preventing fraud)

ICORFS news No. 1, 2010

August 2010 ICROFS news



- Organic RDD application deadline: 13. September 2010

- DARCOF III project, SEED, finalized

- VOA3R project website is published

- New project: Transparent Food: Quality & Integrity in Food

- Why Danish Organic Farming Policy has been succesful
- Quality of foraging material and effect on hens feed intake
- Chinese organic export model & a Danish future perspective
- The climate heroes of the future?
- Course: ‘Organic agriculture in a development perspective’

- Brief news on congresses and publications

ICORFS news No. 1, 2010

May 2010 ICROFS news



- CORE Organic II is set into motion

- News on the next Danish research programme, Organic RD

- ICROFS' chairman speaks at international ATV conference

- Public organic food procurement for youth in 4 EU countries

- Cattle trampling reduces risk of nitrate leaching in organic dairy rotation
- Horse bean, pea and rape protein in feed for organic trout
- Cows fed vitamin-rich feed produce vitamin-rich milk

- Brief news on congresses and publications

ICORFS news No. 1, 2010

February 2010 ICROFS news


- CORE Organic II kick-off meeting

- Organic Agriculture: New journal calls for papers

- PhD defense on meta-analysis of variety mixtures

- Strip cropping system for sustainable food/energy production
- OA systems benefit biodiversity and natural pest regulation
- A pro-poor model for smallholder inclusion in developing countries

- Brief news on congresses and publications

ICROFS news No. 3, 2009

November 2009



- International workshop and board meeting in China
- Greenhouse gas emissions from cultivation of energy crops
- Nitrogen dynamics in organic crop rotations
- Nitrate leaching from silage maize

- Organic farming effects on clay dispersion in carbon-exhausted soils

- Ecology and Farming: Research Special Edition
- Brief news on congresses, publications, and fairs

ICROFS news No. 3, 2009

August 2009



- African workshop report published by ICROFS
- Organics and multi-functionality of agriculture
- CORE Organic - latest developments

- ORCA - a vision for future organic research for development

- Herbs in the grassland
- OA: A new policy field for international organisations.

ICROFS news 2009/2

May 2009



- CORE Organic ERA-NET proposal is formulated
- Nitrogen management on large organic dairy farms

- Organic labelling systems and sonsumer trust

- Organic farmers may gain from Green House Gas trade

- Certified oganic agriculture as policy instrument

- No effect of cropping system on the greenhouse has N2O

- Economics, policy and organic agriculture


February 2009



- The new web site has been launched
- ICROFS participates at BioFach2009

- The first African Organic Conference 2009

- The second international board meeting at BioFach
- ICROFS publishes new fact sheets.

October 2008



- Welcome to a new international research centre

- Organics as the future norm for sustainability

- Growth and integrity in the Danish organic sector

- Organic futures - a scenario game

- Strengthen research in organic food systems


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