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Congress: BIOFACH 2015 - the biggest organic congress in the world. 11.- 14. february, Nuremberg, Germany. The event for organic experts and a professional audience.

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Science Day is to take place on february 13, as part of BIOFACH. A joint event of TIPI, the Technology Innovation Platform of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM), and TP Organics, the European Technology Platform for Organic Food and Farming.

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General Assembly: European Geosciences Union, General Assembly 2015 12 - 17 April 2015 in Vienna, Austria.

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Conference: ICORIBA, the international conference on research in biodynamic agriculture. 27.-30. august 2015, University of Padova, Conegliano, Italy.

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Conference: 3rd African Organic Conference, 5-9 October 2015 in Nigeria. Theme: "Achieving Social and Economic Development through Ecological and Organic Agriculture Alternatives". Submission deadline for papers is end of March 2015, via organic eprints.


See the "How to submit full length paper to 3rd AOC"


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ICROFS International Centre for Research in Organic Food Systems




Organic research and innovation platform, TP Organics, officially recognized by European Commission

The European organic sector receives recognition as an important player in the development of the European economy and driver of innovation. The granting of official “technology platform” status by the European Commission is reserved for outstanding European innovation platforms. ICROFS has contributed considerably to this success with financial support by two departments at DCA, Aarhus University.



Increased production and supply of organic beef products

Crossing of organic dairy and beef cattle is the subject of a new research project at Aarhus University to reveal whether there is a potential for theproduction of organic beef meat based on young crossbred cattle for organic farmers, who wish to specialise in beef production.



Organic farmers get a helping hand

There is an urgent need for devising new methods of preventing attacks of yellow rust fungus in cereals. A new project tackles the problem from several angles in close cooperation with the agricultural industry.



More dairy farmers to use grazing

The number of cows on grass is set to rise if a new research project involving scientists from Aarhus University succeeds in finding a practical solution for combining automatic milking systems with grazing.


CORE Organic II Research Seminar and Governing Board meeting in Amsterdam

The 2nd CORE Organic II Research Seminar took place in Amsterdam at May 15, 2013. It was followed by the 6th meeting of the CORE Organic II Governing Board. The meetings gave an overview of the numerous project activities and plans for the future were made. Read more....


Activity Report 2012 from FIBL

The 2012 activity report documents on 60 pages the advances made in FiBL's research and consultancy work. Lively texts generously illustrated with photographs give an insight into FiBL's projects, both completed and ongoing. Clients and partners will find particularly useful the up-to-date overview of all activity areas of FiBL Germany, Switzerland and Austria and the detailed listing of all staff and their latest publications.

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New Research Agenda for Organic Agriculture from EPOK, Sweden

EPOK, Centre for Organic Food and Farming at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences has issued a new research agenda for organic agricculture. The agenda identifies the current knowledge requirements and challenges for organic food and farming in Sweden. Read more.....



IFOAM EU Group issues a strategy for climate change adaption

The dossier edited by the IFOAM EU Group presents a collection of articles by researchers who, from a multidisciplinary approach, analyze scientific data and demonstrate the potential of Organic Agriculture, as a holistic sustainable production system which contributes to increase farmer’s resilience to adapt to changing climate patterns. Read more....



New Research Agenda for Organic Agriculture from EPOK, Sweden

EPOK, Centre for Organic Food and Farming at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences has issued a new research agenda for organic agricculture. The agenda identifies the current knowledge requirements and challenges for organic food and farming in Sweden. 

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IFOAM EU Group issues a strategy for climate change adaption

The dossier edited by the IFOAM EU Group presents a collection of articles by researchers who, from a multidisciplinary approach, analyze scientific data and demonstrate the potential of Organic Agriculture, as a holistic sustainable production system which contributes to increase farmer’s resilience to adapt to changing climate patterns. 
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Two projects selected in the second call of CORE Organic II.

Two projects have been selected for the period 2013-2015 in the Second Call of Core Organic II: COBRA- Coordinating Organic plant BReeding Activities for Diversity focuses on coordinating and expanding on-going organic breeding activities in cereals and grain legumes across Europe. The other project is called Healthy growth, which aims to investigate a range of successful mid-scale organic value chains in order to learn how they are able to combine volume and values. Read more about the 2 projects....



ISOFAR Newsletter no. 15 has been released

ISOFAR, The International Society of Organic Agriculture Research, has released their newsletter no. 15.

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New warning systems to help organic farmers fighting yellow rust

Organic farmers do not have many tools at their disposal against yellow rust in wheat and triticale apart from resistant varieties and good advice. Scientists from Aarhus University are now developing a better toolbox. 
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Niels Halberg new director of DCA – Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture

The director of ICROFS, Niels Halberg has been appointed new director of DCA – Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture, Aarhus University. Niels Halberg stays director of ICROFS while taking on the new position at DCA. 

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The Saturday chicken should be organic

If consumers are to be tempted to eat more organic chicken, the quality of the meat will have to be special. Scientists from Aarhus University are examining the effect of diet, breed and time of slaughter on the meat quality of organic broilers as part of the large SUMMER project coordinated by ICROFS.




Higher yields in organic farming

The ICROFS-coordinated research project HighCrop has the ambition of improving yields for organic farmers – and to increase knowledge of cultivation methods that benefit both income and the environment. The research is based on the theory that higher yields and less environmental damage can be achieved by including perennial energy crops and by improving the management of the nitrogen that is released from cover crops, green manures and crop residues.




ANSOFT launches international webpage

ANSOFT, Asian Network for Sustainable organic farming has just launched its new international webpage. And this october 2012, the 4th ANSOFT workshop was held in Korea. All 11 member countries attended the workshop and shared information about successful organic farming in different Asian countries.




New book on Organic Meat Production

"Organic Meat Production and Processing" describes the challenges of production, processing and food safety of organic meat. The book explores the trends in organic meats and how the meat industry is impacted. Commencing with chapters on the economics, market and regulatory aspects of organic meats, coverage then extends to management issues for organically raised and processed meat animals. Processing, sensory and human health aspects are covered, as are the incidences of foodborne pathogens in organic beef, swine, poultry and other organic meat species. The book concludes by describing pre-harvest control measures for assuring the safety of organic meats. Read more...



Chinese-Danish workshop on Systemic Approaches to Pest Management without Pesticides
China Agricultural University (CAU) and ICROFS held a joint workshop on Systemic Approaches to Pest Management without Pesticides in April, 2012 in Boshan, Shandong Province, China Read more and see presentations and summaries from the workshop...


New scientific officer at ICROFS
Paul Rye Kledal started at the ICROFS secretariat in June 2012. His main work area will be analyzing the different research programs within organic food systems coordinated by ICROFS during the last 15-20 years. Paul Rye Kledal is Master of Science (MSc) in Agricultural Economics. He has several years of experience within organic research, both in Denmark and in developing countries. Paul participates in the ICROFS-led ProGroV project in East Africa and has worked 12 years as a researcher and assistant professor at the Institute of Food and Resource Economics at University of Copenhagen.


New Information Officer at ICROFS
Camilla Mathiesen is a new Information Officer at ICROFS per 1 of June 2012. Her tasks includes writing and editing the ICROFS websites, newsletters, manage project communication and internal and external information. Camilla replaces Simon Olling Rebsdorf an has previously been working within the organic sector as project leader and communcations manager at Organic Denmark.


Chinese-Danish networking on Systemic Approaches to Pest Management without Pesticides

China Agricultural University (CAU) and ICROFS jointly organized a Workshop in Boshan, Shandong Province in China, on 15-17 April, 2012, to identify and discuss joint research priorities and key challenges in developing systemic approaches to pest management without pesticides



Ph.D.course: Sustainability assessment in farming and food systems – organic, conventional and beyond

In September 2012, a SOAR- NOVA summer course with focus on sustainability assessments will be held. We will introduce theories and practices of assessing and improving the sustainability of today’s changing agricultural and food systems. Read more...



MultiTrust Workshop at IFSA Symposium

The program of the IFSA Symposium taking place in Aarhus from 1-4 July 2012 includes a workshop about the MultiTrust project. MultiTrust is an interdisciplinary project focusing on multicriteria assessment and communication of effects of organic food systems. The workshop consists of several smaller sessions and presentations under the main headline: Balancing and communicating overall assessments of food systems. See the full program of the workshop here.

See the program of the IFSA Symposium here.


Debate meeting: Climate Smart Agriculture - a new buzz word or an answer to climate change challenges?
Invitation for a debate on Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) 13th of June, Copenhagen. CSA is a new concept that is being promoted as part of a solution to climate change. Different views CSA will be presented at the meeting with special attention to the consequences for smallholder farmers in developing countries. The pros and cons of CSA will be discussed by representatives from the scientific world, development organizations and research institutions.


Improved health and welfare of organic laying hens

The mortality rate among organic laying hens is twice as high as for layers from enriched cages. In an international research collaboration scientists from Aarhus University will be investigating why this is so with the hope of improving the health and welfare of laying hens and this dissatisfactory statistic.



Data network for better European organic market information

To create a new basis for the consistent elaboration of market data, the EU has granted funds for a new research project called Data Network for Better European Organic Market Information (OrganicDataNetwork). The project aims to meet the needs of policy makers and actors involved in organic markets by increasing the transparency of the European organic food market through better availability of market intelligence.



Herbs and berries for preservation of meat products
Scientists from Aarhus University collaborate with the Danish Meat Research Institute (DMRI), and with Tulip Food Company and Hanegal in the Organic RDD project: Berrymeat on the development of organic and conventional meat products that are preserved using antibacterial berries and herbs.


New blog: Landscapes for People, Food and Nature
The Landscapes for People, Food and Nature initiative has launched a new blog on January 30th, 2012. The landscapes Blog will help increase awareness of integrated agricultural landscapes, foster a dynamic community of practice, and highlight the work of co-organizers and other practitioners on a landscape scale.



The 2nd African Organic Conference, Maye 2-4, Zambia
The conference, held in May 2-4, Lusaka in Zambia, will promote mainstreaming of organic agriculture in African Government policies, in African intergovernmental organizations as well as among development partners. It will provide evidence on the benefits of organic agriculture and its contributions to the challenges and needs in Africa.


Healthy herbs for healthy cows
Cows on grass prefer a diet that includes herbs rather than pure grass. Scientists from Aarhus University have studied a selection of herbs and their potentially beneficial effects. The ambition with the literature review was to acquire more knowledge about the effect of the herbs on health, productivity and milk quality as part of the Darcof III project, ORMILKQUAL on the effect of pasture composition on milk production.


6th European Organic Congress -
Copenhagen, Denmark, 17-18 April 2012

The 6th European Organic Congress is held in Denmark, Copenhagen 17-18 April. The congress involves high level panel discussions with policy makers and experts from across the organic and agricultural sectors, workshops, coffee and lunch breaks as well as a gala dinner on April 17th. There will also be an opportunity to take part in an organic excursion on the 16th of April, which includes visits to organic farms, an organic bakery, a producer of public procurement and retail store.



Article: Organic for the future
Europe faces major challenges to conserve biodiversity, secure soil, and promote animal welfare and there is an urgent need to ensure global food security. Organic food and farming paves the way to meet these challenges; but to succeed a further development of organic food and farming is key. On occasion of the Danish EU Presidency, ICROFS has written an article to promote the awareness of organic research and development.
Read the article in the Parliament Magazine ...


Christmas Greetings from the ICROFS Secretariat
2011 has been an exciting year with many interesting events, challenges and results relevant for the development of the organic sector. It has also been a year where agro-ecological approaches and ecological and eco-functional intensification has become mainstream terminologies.



ICROFS joins Landscapes for People, Food and Nature Initiative

A consensus is emerging that many of our production systems for food, forest and wetland products are unsustainable for people, for long-term food and fiber supply and for nature. However, farmers, policymakers, food companies, conservation agencies and grassroots organizations in all parts of the world are generating innovations to meet the challenge. Since, over two-thirds of the world’s land area is shaped by cropland, planted pastures, or other agricultural practices, it is critical to scale up such integrated systems to combat both hunger and environmental degradation.

In an effort to strengthen such approaches, ICROFS is a proud partner of the international Landscapes for People, Food and Nature, an International Initiative for dialogue, learning and action. Read more ...


The second CORE Organic II call has been launched

The second CORE Organic II call has been launched with sixteen countries participating. The two thematic research areas for this call are: 1) Plant-breeding - Improvement of production efficiency and agricultural biodiversity, and 2) Supporting the development of organic markets. The deadline for submission of pre-proposals is 16 January 2012.
Link to the call announcement ..
Link to the guideline for applicants ..



A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been officially signed by ICROFS and the National Academy of Agricultural Science, under the Rural Development Administration, on September 26 in Suwon, Korea. The MoU was an official way of agreeing on future collaboration on research in organic food systems by the respective parties.


Video Series - Local Wheat in Denmark

In the fall of 2010, organic bread wheat farmers, millers, and researchers from Maine and Vermont travelled to Denmark to visit with their Danish counterparts.They learned about production issues, milling techniques, marketing strategies, and heritage varieties. These four series of videos share the tour with you. See videos... 


ANSOFT workshop in Korea

First day of the ANSOFT workshop in Korea is completed.
Four of the ICROFS' staff has contributed to the 2nd Asian Network for Sustainable Organic Agriculture Technology, ANSOFT, held in Suwon, Korea. 11 Asian countries participated in the event, which will continue with a field trip.
Read more about the event..



Organic Eprints is now OpenAIRE compliant

“This is a benefit for both the users and authors of research results from organic food and farming” says Organic Eprints coordinator, Ilse A. Rasmussen. Organic Eprints, the main subject repository for research in organic farming, is now compliant with the OpenAIRE guidelines. In return, the peer-reviewed results of EC-funded research in organic farming are now exposed to a wider community and the international research collaboration in organic farming will become even more visible through the OpenAIRE portal.



Organic Eprints is expanding

Organic Eprints - the Open Access-archive for publications in organic research - is expanding. The number of National Editors of Organic Eprints has increased from 11 to 22! The expansion is partly a result of appointment of National Editors in the CORE Organic II-program. Read more...


New integrative education in organic farming

A comprehensive and integrative education: European Master in Organic Agriculture and Food Systems  is offered by four leading European universities: Universität Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany; University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria; Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland and Aarhus University, Denmark. Read more...


11 new organic projects have been launched

Beginning January 2011, 11 new organic projects have been launched under the Danish Organic GUDP Programme, Organic RDD, which has three main themes: Growth, Integrity and Robust Systems. Compared to previous research, all the selected projects have even greater focus on practical application. Read more about the projects...


CERTCOST news No. 2 (2011) is released

- A few words from the coordinator
Workshop in Brussels: Improving the organic certification system (on October 14 2011)
- Main findings and outcomes of the CERTCOST project
- Two new public CERTCOST reports
- Those who have cheated will cheat again
- A stakeholder's view on the CERTCOST session at BioFach

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Assistant/Associate Professor – Organic Cropping Systems at Nova Scotia Agricultural College, Canada

The Department of Plant & Animal Sciences at NSAC, in co-operation with the Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada, seeks a tenure-track professor specializing in cropping systems with emphasis on organic systems and agroecology. Closing date: September 15, 2011. Read more...


SOAR course: System approaches to research and governance in organic agriculture & value-chains

In September 2011, SOAR will organise a one-week course, which at the moment has 8 registered East African PhD students as participants, and it will be open for others.  The course will focus concepts and research methods, which is linked to organic food and farming system research. Read more...


Assessor for the evaluation of BÖLN wanted!

The Organic Research Centre (UK) is are looking for German speaking reviewers with experience in Organic Farming for the evaluation of the German Organic Farming Research Programme. Read more...

SOAR course: Mitigating Climate Change
The thematic course "Mitigating climate change" is held 6th-10th June 2011 in Denmark, in the staging of the research school, www.soar.dk. It aims at stimulating course participants to reflect upon their role as researchers in forming policies and strategies and influencing the way they are implemented in practice. The course will be held at Ishøj Vandrerhjem, close to Copenhagen.

Production of organic soya beans in Denmark

The possibilities of growing soya beans in Denmark seem promising. This is one of the conclusions from a three-year project on cultivation of this oil and protein rich crop at Department of Agroecology and Environment, Aarhus University.


Agro-biodiversity and Ecosystem services

Together with the Embassy of Denmark in Washington DC, USA, ICROFS invited a group of researchers, policy makers, and research administrators to a ½ day seminar at the Embassy of Denmark in Washington DC on 16th December 2010.

The aim was to solicit knowledge and opinions regarding the potential and relevance of organic agriculture practices for providing and benefitting from high quality eco-systems services. Read more...

ICROFS coordinates project in 3 Africal countries

From 2011, ICROFS is coordinating a new research project called ProGrOV. This project will focus on improving productivity and growth in existing organic value chains in Uganda, Kenye and Tanzania through development of agro-ecological methods, governance and management chains - among other things. The project will adrress problem and development issues in primary production, processing and chain management through nine PhD and six MSc studies at African universities.

Read the ICROFS project leaflet...

Grazing and milk quality

Scientists have investigated how organic cows’ grazing and a gentle treatment of their milk from cow to consumer affects milk quality. It seems that there are more of the healthy omega-3 fatty acids in milk from cows that graze, especially if the pasture has a high proportion of clover. Read more...


ICROFS arranges LCA workshop in Bari, Italy

In September 2010, ICROFS organized an international workshop in Bari, Italy. The workshop was part of a series of meetings of the Round Table for Organic Agriculture and Climate Change (RTOACC) and was supported by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO).

Read the brief report on the workshop...


New Organic Eprints coordinator in ICROFS

Ilse A. Rasmussen started 1. October 2010 as Organic Eprints coordinator in ICROFS. Her main responsibilities will be coordination and development of Organic Eprints and to strengthen the international collaboration. She will also participate in international projects on development and use of Organic Eprints and integration of metadata from it to other open-access-platforms.



ISOFAR 2011 conference: Call for papers

In September 2011 (28.9 - 1.10), the International Society of Organic Agriculture Research (ISOFAR) will carry out the 3rd Scientific Conference at the IFOAM Organic World Congress (OWC) in Korea.

Read more at the ISOFAR website...


Core Organic II: Call announcement

The European transnational research collaboration, CORE Organic II, has published an announcement of a common call with a closing date of 15 October 2010.

Read more about the announcement...

3rd International Conference on the Organic Sector Development

The conference will present practical and scientific knowledge and allow exchange of experiences among practitioners in the fields of grain, rice and seed production, animal husbandry, cotton growing and wild collection, among other activities. The event takes place in Astana, Kazakhstan

Go to conference website...


Green Development and Demonstration Programme

Call for applications [closing date: 13. September 2010 at noon]:


The Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries calls for applications to the Organic Research, Development and Demonstration Programme, Organic RDD. This is a part of an organic effort under the Green Development and Demonstration Programme (GDDP), and is a step in the Government's goal of promoting market-based organic food production.


Annual CORE Organic reports available

Now you can find annual reports for 2009 from each of the joint research pilot projects in CORE Organic, running until 2010. The overall aim is to enhance quality, relevance and utilisation of resources in European research in organic food and farming.

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Follow ICROFS' activities on Twitter

You can now learn "what's happening" in ICROFS on Twitter. Just click the logo, join Twitter and stay connected with us.
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Market-driven development of organic high value chains

Agriculture is the basis for millions of livelihoods and improvement of the agricultural sector is a prerequisite for development of many African countries. ICROFS has produced a fact sheet on how organic agriculture contributes to economic development in Africa.
Read the fact sheet...

Fact sheet no. 4, 2010

ICROFS news February issue 2010

- CORE Organic II kick-off meeting

- Organic Agriculture: New journal calls for papers

- PhD defense on meta-analysis of variety mixtures

- Strip cropping system for sustainable food/energy production
- OA systems benefit biodiversity and natural pest regulation
- A pro-poor model for smallholder inclusion in developing countries

- Brief news on congresses and publications

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ICROFS news February 2010

New organic EU logo on the shelves from July 1st.

Almost 130,000 people have voted online to choose the new organic symbol from three finalists. The winning logo depicts a light green leaf drawn by a number of EU stars. This new organic logo is going to label all organic products produced in the EU. Read more about the CERTCOST website...

ORgnaic EU logo 2010

Organic Horticulture: International congress in Lisboa

In the period 22-27. August 2010, the 28 International Horticultural Congress is held in Lisboa, Portugal. The conference is held under the patronage of the International Society for Horticultural Sciences, ISHS, and covers topics including rising concumption, production, and marketing of organic food, all over the world. Get more information about the congress...

IHC 2010

From CORE Organic I to CORE Organic II

In 2007, the first CORE Organic ERA-NET succesfully ended. The final scientific report is now available and gives details on the activities and achievements of the project. CORE Organic launched 8 pilot projects - running until 2010. These projects have each their own webside. After 2007, the partners of CORE Organic expanded their network and successfully developed a second ERA-NET, CORE Organic II, which will be a collaboration between 27 partners in 22 countries. This is expected to start in March 2010.


Read more at www.coreorganic.org...



International R&D Workshop in China

ICROFS was jointly hosting an International Workshop on Organic Agriculture Research and Development in China. The workshop was held on 21-23 October 2009 together with the 3rd Organic Certification Technical Forum.


Read more and get the workshop presentation...



Climate Change Campaign video
Climate change is a critical issue for agriculture and world food security and the international organic movement has an important role to play.


IFOAM's advocacy department is working with the Rodal Institute, FiBL, ICROFs, and other affiliates to develop common messages and publications for the IFOAM climate change advocacy campaign.

Watch the Rodale Institute's campaign video on Youtube.



Job vacancy at ICROFS

ICROFS is looking for an academic employee to coordinate European transnational research in organic agriculture and food under the ERA-net CORE Organic II.

The main tasks of the CORE Organic assistant coordinator include communicating with partners of CORE Organic/European Commission, planning and organising meetings, liaising with the EU Commission member states and other stakeholders, overseeing maintenance of the open access database Organic Eprints, and organising joint transnational calls for research projects. Some international travel must be expected. Deadline for applications is November 15, 2009.

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Get the NJF conference presentations on-line

Following the scientific conference, "Forstering healthy food systems through organic agriculture - Focus on the North-Baltic Region," presentations of the key-note speakers are available at the conference website.

Go to the conference website...

ICROFS news 2009/2


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ICROFS news 2009/2


Brazilian workshop on research collaboration

On 16-18 September 2009, ICROFS holds an international workshop in Brazil in partnership with ISOFAR. It is occassioned by a meeting of a project formed by 27 centers of Brazilian Agriculture Resaerch Corporation (Embrapa). The workshop will promote technical interchange and collaboration between Brazilian and European/international researchers working with organic agriculture.

Read the workshop programme...

Embrapa international workshop in Brazil


Report from African workshop is published

ICROFS has published the workshop report "Organic Agriculture for Improved Food Security in Africa: Recommendation to Future Development."

You can download the report here...Workshop report [1.6 MB pdf]


The workshop took place in Kampala, Uganda, and was part of the 1st African Organic Conference...Workshop report

DDRN report


1st African Organic Conference was successful

[May 18-22, 2009, Uganda]


The 1st African Organic Conference held in Kampala, Uganda, was a success, as it attratected more than 200 participants representing a large number of institutions in Africa as well as institutions from outside Africa. See the photo gallery and download workshop presentations. Read more...


IFOAM Conference on Organic Animal and Plant breeding

[25-28 August 2009, Santa Fe, NM, USA]


Fostering the sustainable development of new low input breeds


is urgent in the face of future challenges of food insecurity and massive threats to the livelihoods of millions of people due to climate change. This international conference will revive traditional knowledge from the global North and South and connect it with the current international organic research.

Registration and more information...


Draft of TP Organics' Strategic Research Agenda

The first draft of a Strategic Research Agenda has been issued by the TP Secretariat. Read more...ICROFS-readmore

TP Organics


Danish FAO side-event in Rome was a success

Supported by the Minsitry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, ICROFS has arranged a "side-event" on organic agriculture, climate change and environment in the UN headquarters in Rome. ICROFS planned the event in collaboration with IFOAM and FAO, the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, and it turned out to be a success.



Registration open for First African Organic Conference in Uganda

[May 18-22, 2009, Uganda]


Registrations are open for participation at the First African Organic Conference, which will be held in Kampala, Uganda. The conference will focus on bringing out attributes of Organic Agriculture as a science relevant to food security, poverty alleviation and natural resources conservation in Africa.



Obama nominates ecologist as US Deputy Secretary of Agriculture

Barack Obama announced today (March 11th) that he will nominate Kathleen A. Merrigan for Deputy Secretary of the USDA, according to the sustainability initiative Treehugger.com. Merrigan's academic record includes being Director of the Agriculture, Food and Environment Ms and PhD program.



The Danish Minister attended the second Board Meeting

The second meeting of the international board was held on occasion of the organic world fair BioFach2009 in Nuremberg, Germany. At the board meeting, the board members had the honor of meeting the Danish Minister of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, Eva Kjer Hansen. Read more...

Eva Kjer Hansen - photo: Ecoweb.dk


ECO World fest in Croatia, 2-4 April

Deadline for registering scientific and expert presentations expires on March 10, 2009.

The international ecological conference and exhibition ECO World Fest will be held from April 2 to April 4, 2009 in Opatija, Croatia. If you want to register, contact the EWF secretariat at info@ecoworld-fest.com. For more information, go to the website Greenplanet.net...


BioFach 2009 seminar presentations

In collaboration with with FQH and Organic Denmark, ICROFS coordinated three research-based workshops/seminars at the BioFach 2009 event. Below, you can download the presentations given by the various speakers.

Get the presentations...


ICROFS fact sheets

In the ongoning effort of communicating research in organic food systems, ICROFS has made this new type of publications: ICROFS fact sheets. They sum up results from research in organic food systems. Until now, ICROFS has made three fact sheets on organic agriculture and...

- food security

- food quality and health

- climate challenges




New web site

Welcome to ICROFS' newly launched web structure and web design! The web site reflects ICROFS' new international mandate and status and includes information on research activities, new staff, new features, ICROFS news, the new international board and national programme committee.

Read more... ICROFS-readmore


ICROFS attended BioFach 2009

On February 19-22. 2009, the international organic market met for the twentieth time at BioFach,

the global organic trade fair. ICROFS participated

actively at the BioFach 2009 World Fair, the platform for representatives from the organic world to network to meet and share experience.




3 SOAR PhD scholarships on Organic Farming and Food Systems

[Deadline: 13 February 2009]

Three PhD scholarships with SOAR funding are open within five selected areas of resarch. Only three PhD studenships will be filled. Read more about the five project descriptions here...



TP Organics on a new platform

"TP Organics" is a new platform for organic food and farming research which joins the efforts of industry and civil society in defining organic research priorities and

TP Organics

defending them vis-à-vis the policy-makers. In December the Platform officially published the document – a Vision for Organic Food and Farming 2025.

Go to site... ICROFS-readmore



CORE Organic Network
New information is available about the CORE Organic Network, the strategic objectives and a list of the ten new members countries...
Read more ICROFS-readmore


Invitation to propose workshops at Nordic Organic Conference 2009
On the third day of the Nordic Organic Conference, May 2009, a number of parallel workshops will be set off. Until October 24th proposals are welcomed. Find further information at http://nordicorganic.org...
Read more ICROFS-readmore



Research vision 2025
Agenda 2025: Technology PlatformIFOAM's EU group and ISOFAR have jointly begun a process towards a vision for 2025 focusing on innotive research into organic food and farming. The initiative is a technology platform named 'Organics."...
Read more ICROFS-readmore




ICROFS Research

Find research topics using ICROFS' search engine...


ICROFS Research

The European Union supports organic research in Europe.



The main idea of CORE organic is to coordinate research programmes between the 21 partner countries.


TP Organics

TP Organics is a European technology platform fororganic food and farming research. Read more...


The EU research project SOLID on Sustainable Organic and Low Input Dairying runs from 2011-2016. Read more...


The EU project, VOA3R, is aimed at sharing scientific and scholarly research related to agriculture, food, and environment. Read more...



ICROFS Research

Danish R&D


Organic RDD 2
The danish Organic Research, Development and Demonstration Programme, RDD 2, runs from 2014-2018.


Organic RDD
The Danish Organic Research, Developmnent and Demonstration Programme, ran from 2011-2013.

The research programme DARCOF III ran in 2006- 2010 and consisted of 15 individual projects.






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