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The European Union supports organic research in Europe.



The main idea of CORE organic is to coordinate research programmes between the 21 partner countries.


TP Organics

TP Organics is a European technology platform fororganic food and farming research. Read more...


The EU research project SOLID on Sustainable Organic and Low Input Dairying runs from 2011-2016. Read more...


The EU project, VOA3R, is aimed at sharing scientific and scholarly research related to agriculture, food, and environment. Read more...



ICROFS Research

Danish R&D


Organic RDD 2
The danish Organic Research, Development and Demonstration Programme, RDD 2, runs from 2014-2018.


Organic RDD
The Danish Organic Research, Developmnent and Demonstration Programme, ran from 2011-2013.

The research programme DARCOF III ran in 2006- 2010 and consisted of 15 individual projects.



Cow - ICROFS International Centre for Research in Organic Food Systems

ICROFS' coordination and management


As the initiating and coordinating organ for Danish R&D in organic farming, DARCOF must first and foremost ensure that the research system focuses on the most relevant challenges, that the projects are undertaken in the most appropriate manner, and that the various target groups are regularly informed of the findings.


The aim of the centre management is to coordinate a joint research effort in organic farming, which combines the knowledge and skills of the research groups and institutions participating in DARCOF II. This will be done by means of the following management activities:


  • Continuing dialogue with the project leaders in order to ensure that the individual projects are conducted according to plans, and if necessary ensure that plans are changed
  • Conducting a critical evaluation of annual status reports in dialogue with the project leaders
  • Motivating maximal publication and communication activity, partly through annual status report meet-ings (planning, follow up and adjustment) and partly through external meetings and information sessions
  • Avoiding unnecessary overlap between projects
  • Striving for the greatest possible synergy in the allocation of resources
  • Encouraging the review and evaluation of research findings in both national and international forums
  • Recalling / reallocating resources in cases where the returns do not live up to expectations

The management is conducted with a basis in annual status meetings, where the project leaders meet in relevant groups to discuss results and plans for the individual projects. Coordination and management is supported by additional centre activities.


The principal objective of the combined centre activities is to enhance the results of the joint research effort through transdisciplinary synthesis and communication of knowledge, and thereby improving the width and depth of research in organic farming.

Organic Eprints

Since 2002, the Centre has developed and open-access archive for research papers in organic agriculture, Organic Eprints. And in 2003, the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, FiBL, joined the project as an international partner. Organic Eprints has more than 4,000 visits a day (www.orgprints.org).


European cooperation
ICROFS coordinates European trans-national research concerned with organic food and farming systems under the headline of Core Organic. Moreover, ICROFS is actively involved in a European research project on improving the organic certification system


ICROFS Organisation

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