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CORE Organic R&D projects, 2007-2010



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CORE Organic Funding Body Network (FBN)


The CORE Organic Funding Body Network (FBN) was set up in 2007 to continue and broaden the collaboration after the end of the first CORE Organic ERA-net project, and since then, the CORE Organic FBN has expanded to 23 countries. The plan of the Funding Body Network is to apply for an ERA-net II coordination project under FP7 in 2009 in order to launch even more projects and to contribute to the development of a long-term strategy and framework for a common programme for transnational organic food and farming research.


The idea

The main idea of CORE Organic is the coordination of research programmes between partner countries, as the acronym indicates: Coordination of European trans-national research in organic food and farming.

Just as birds of passage can gain up to 71 percent of energy by coordinating their efforts by flying in formation, research programmes can profit from trans-national coordination.


The first phase of the CORE Organic was an ERA-net (European Research Area), which led to the launching of eight trans-nationally funded research projects.

See leaflet about CORE organic

  COREorganic leaflet 2009

The future

Partners then decided to continue and expand the cooperation, and formed the Funding Body Network, which currently comprises 2- countries. In 2008, the FBN agreed to its vision and objectives for long term collaboration, and for the development of another trans-national initiative through the ERA-NET scheme under the FP7 Framework Programme.


The main objectives of this ERA-NET, CORE Organic II will be


  • to carry out a second phase of calls and projects. This will secure a flow of research calls, with refined tools and best practices, and give a momentum for a flow of transnational calls beyond CORE Organic II
  • to develop a framework for a strategic research agenda for the continuation of the collaboration beyond CORE Organic II, including appropriate structures and tools for the collaboration, and consideration of extending the collaboration to more partners with a global perspective.

The vision

The vision for the next ERA-Net, CORE Organic II,is stated as follows:

"The ERA-net CORE Organic II can through joint efforts successfully address, by excellent research and innovation, the most important areas where organic farming and food systems need improvement in order to fulfil important objectives in terms of sustainability and food quality."


The strategy

The strategic objective is to enhance the quality, relevance and utilisation of resources in research in organic agriculture and food systems and its contribution to the development and integrity of the organic sector. Part of the strategy is to develop a second ERA-NET with deeper and broader collaboration and a strong long term collaboration.


New member countries

The first eleven member states involved since the first CORE Organic ERA net in 2004 are:


Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.


In addition, new members have entered the arena, and the FBN network is still open for new partners (funding bodies).




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Fabienne Grousset is CORE Organic coordinator.


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