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Knowledge Synthesis:


Market based growth, development and integrity in the Danish organic sector

In May 2007, the Danish Ministry of Food, Fisheries and Agriculture asked ICROFS to carry out a Knowledge Synthesis, a fact finding work that should clarify the opportunities and barriers for development and a market based growth in the Danish production, processing and trade of organic products.

Read more in danish about the work proces in the knowledge synthesis at EcoWiki.

This task resulted in a comprehensive Knowledge Synthesis consisting of 19 chapters and 550 pages. Each chapter can be downloaded in Danish from EcoWiki and the full final danish report can be ordered at Grethe.Hansen@icrofs.org. Price: 200 Dkr

ICROFS has published a 50-pages summary, read more below.




Growing demand for organic food

The background for the execution of the Knowledge Synthesis is a growing demand for organic food – both in Denmark and in many other countries. The increasing demand and the rising international trade with organic products provide both new opportunities and a more competitive market.


Summary of the Knowledge Synthesis in English

The research-based Knowledge Synthesis from 2008 recommends five task areas to secure the future of organics in Denmark. An important result of ICROFS’ Knowledge Synthesis is the recommendation of strenghtened research and knowledge building. The purpose is to advance the development of organic food production and food systems. ICROFS has published a summary of the results of the comprehensive fact finding work.

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Thematic newsletter on the knowledge synthesis

The newsletter, ICROFS news No. 1/2008, focuses on the new Knowledge Synthesis from ICROFS on future possibilities and barriers for the continued development of organics in Denmark

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A good basis for organics
The market-based organic sector in Denmark rests on the following four fundamental conditions:


1. Existing value-based market

2. Retailing interest stimulates innovation/product development 3. Organic production gives good economic results 4. Room for more organic agriculture in Denmark

The market opportunities for organic products are exceptionally good, and there is a large growth in retail trade. The export has only gone up marginally, while there has been a large increase in import. The latest mega-trends in the food area have moved consumption to a focus on value-based consumption, connected with symbolic aspects and global responsibility by a fairly large consumer segment, trusting fundamentally in organic actors.

Many retail businesses now use organics as part of their strategic branding, as organic consumers belong to the trendsetters in food. There has been a positive market innovation, increasing the availability and visibility of organic goods. The new interest and increased organic sales have stimulated the interest in product development in the processing industry, creating room for a range of smaller organic companies - but they need to be backed with knowledge.

In general, organic production gives a higher operational income than conventional production. Even so, there has been a very limited conversion to organic production in later years. In 2007 there has been a slight increase in the organic production area and a net gain of some forty farms, but the supply situation still needs to be substantially improved.


Geographically speaking, there are very good prospects for a larger organic production. Organic agriculture could contribute substantially to the conservation of natural values and the promotion of biodiversity. There is some overlap between the areas with a large potential for organic produc-tion and the areas with particular societal obligations and challenges as concerns nature protection and the development of landscapes and rural areas.







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