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Cow - ICROFS International Centre for Research in Organic Food Systems

Organic Eprints background


Organic Eprints was established in 2002 as a community service by DARCOF, now ICROFS, the International Centre for Research in Organic Food Systems.

Organic Eprints

Today, in 2009, there are three partners who are responsible for running the archive:

  • The International Centre for Research in Organic Food Systems (ICROFS), Denmark

  • The Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL)

  • The Federal Organic Farming Scheme (BÖL), Germany

Within the context of the CORE Organic project
(www.coreorganic.org), eleven European countries have dedicated themselves to depositing their research output in the archive, and offered their services as country editors within the archive.


Nine international organisations, twenty EU projects and more than thirty countries across the world have deposited publications in the archive. Recently several international conferences, including the IFOAM/ISOFAR organic conferences, have begun using the archive to make their conference papers more widely available.



Organic eprints folder

Using Organic Eprints...

Organic Eprints - the next step...

Organic Eprints background...



Contact information:

If you are interested in more details about Organic Eprints, please contact the archive staff:


Ilse A. Rasmussen, ICROFS, Denmark

Phn.: +45 89 99 18 04. E-mail: IlseA.Rasmussen@icrofs.org


Helga Willer, FiBL, Frick, Switzerland.

Phn.: +41 62 865 72 07. E-mail: Helga.willer@fibl.org


Cordula Binder, BÖLN, FiBL, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Phn.: +49 69 713769956


(Cordula substitutes Julia Meier, BÖL Project "Research Platform", FiBL, Frankfurt, Germany, Phn.: +49 30 43915477. E-mail: Julia.meier@fibl.org. Julia is on maternity leave).







ICROFS Publications

ICROFS newsletters
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Knowledge syntheses

Find information about ICROFS' knowledge syntheses.



Former DARCOF news
Former DARCOF news, prior to 2009.



Books and reports

Most former books and reports are issues in Danish, but publications in English can also be found here.




ICROFS Publications

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